Now the heating season is in full swing and we have spent the last few months up and down the country at numerous shows, key notes and events, – we thought now is a better time than any to speak to the guys in the know and get them to answer the very important questions that we come across most often when we are out talking to the homes and businesses owners across the UK looking to make the switch.

We caught up with Innasol’s Managing Director – Colm Lawlor over a cappuccino, he helped us understand product and wood fuel supply.

How do I know which solution best suits me?

When it comes to switching from fossil fuelled heating to renewable heating there is a solution suitable for everyone, with our vast product portfolio we can satisfy all requirements. Whether it be a heat pod for a large commercial building or a ground source heat pump for a small home, here at INNASOL our network of highly trained partners are keen to visit, assess your requirements and help you on the way to a cleaner, greener and cheaper heating system. Just some of the factors considered are listed:

  • Space available for the heating system
  • Heat demand of the building
  • Heat temperature required
  • Availability of wood fuel supply
  • How well insulated the building is
  • The type of building

Will I have enough space for a renewable heating system?

Our state of the art ETA biomass boilers and IDM heat pumps vary in size from 6kW right up to 500kW. Therefore no matter how big or small your building may be our specialist installers are fully trained to recommend the best suited solution for your requirements. We even have our own range of heat pods that are a convenient plug and play solution able to be placed on their own in a back garden or on other grounds which can be utilised across a wide range of buildings such as hospitals, schools and nursing homes. An example of a fully bespoke solution.

How is my wood fuel delivered?

Just like a delivery of oil – your delivery vehicle connects a pre prepared connection to your fuel store and blows wood pellet or wood chip into your fuel store at high speed – as little or as much as required. Don’t panic! The very clever technology in your ETA biomass boiler will give you a warning you’re your fuel is getting low and that notification will come straight to your smart phone or PC. Clever huh? There are plenty of wood fuel suppliers spread right across the UK and Ireland, probably many more than you’d imagine. You can find the one nearest to you simply by visiting find a fuel supplier.

How much room do I need to store the wood fuel?   

This is also dependant on the size of the boiler, the heat demand of the building and how much space you have to store. However as an example – a business with a 200kW heating load annually consumes about 65 tonnes of wood pellets that corresponds to a size of 100 loose cubic metres. If a pellet delivery arrives three times a year, including reserves, a store room volume of just 50 m3 is sufficient. For 4.5 metres fill height, a store room footprint of just 2 times 4 metres is required. Our certified partners – which we must say are the genius’ of the renewables world are able to advise and even design a bespoke fuel store for your individual needs – the possibilities are endless!

These are just a few of the important questions asked by our customers when they’re looking to make the switch – if you require further information or would like one of our expert partners to pay you a visit then please Contact us – we already look forward to hearing from you.

Upcoming Q&A sessions:

  • Carbon targets and Co2 emissions – Innasol MD, Angus Duguid: Thursday 19th November
  • Savings and benefits – Innasol CEO, Silvio Spiess: Saturday 21st November
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