Now the heating season is in full swing and we have spent the last few months up and down the country at numerous shows, key notes and events, – we thought now is a better time than any to speak to the guys in the know and get them to answer the very important questions that we come across most often when we are out talking to the homes and businesses owners across the UK looking to make the switch.

We caught up with Angus Duguid, Managing Director at Innasol he helped us understand how renewable heating can help reach carbon goals.

Will installing a renewable heating system help my company reach its carbon target?

Heating is the largest single use of energy in the UK and accounts for 38% of all CO2 emissions mainly due to the use of fossil fuels today in the UK. Therefore it is plain and simple, investing in low carbon technologies such as biomass and heat pumps is the fastest way to reduce your CO2 emissions and reach carbon targets fast. Innasol endeavour to only ever select the very best technology, and have a well-established training academy so that the standards of installation and service match the brilliance of the biomass or heat pump kit.

Why choose a biomass boiler over any other heating technology?

Granted, biomass boilers are not the only renewable option to heat your home or business – there are also ground source and air source heat pumps available as an alternative to oil and gas.

Biomass boilers:

  • Proven and reliable technology that has been used in Europe for decades.
  • Long term stable fuel price unlike oil or gas.
  • Provide independence from the big energy providers.
  • Using wood as your source of fuel supports sustainable forestry in the UK

How else can a renewable technology benefit my business?

Not only can a biomass boiler or heat pump help with reducing CO2 emissions and reaching carbon targets fast but it can also help reduce fuel costs. Oil prices are currently low but it remains a tradable commodity and therefore is subject to market volatility, biomass fuel is stable in comparison which makes it a great and viable option in the medium to long term.  We understand that businesses need reliable technology to be able to measure their input and output which all leads back to gaining financial benefit – which is exactly what can be done with a biomass boiler or heat pump.

Consumers choosing to install a biomass heating system can still benefit from the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive, which provides support towards the cost of a renewable heating system and an ongoing income for 15 years simply from heating your property

Who can advise me on bespoke design and installation?

Innasol’s highly trained network of installation partners will support you every step of the way from first contact right through to handover and then afterwards for maintenance. Whether it be a single building or a group of schools that require a complex bespoke solution, each of our partners have been through extensive product and technical training at our very own academy and are competent and experienced with all of our products.

Do you still have unanswered questions? Visit our website or contact us today to speak to one of our highly trained experts who can give you as little or as much information as you need in making the decision to switch to renewable energy.

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