The UK’s largest renewable energy network have extended their service offering by launching Innasol ESCO to better harness renewable technology in the commercial and industrial sector. Innasol ESCO has been set up with the aim to provide Innasol partners and customers access to complete, turnkey renewable solutions as part of an energy supply contract fixed for 20 years.

Until now, Innasol led the renewable energy market purely based on a distribution model whereby more than 150 renewable experts would buy the most advanced and best renewable heating and efficient power solutions available on the market. They would be provided with training at Innasol’s dedicated Academy in Essex and receive unrivaled technical and marketing support.

“The launch of Innasol ESCO is super exciting for us and our partner network. It is great that we can now offer complete bespoke energy solutions within our broad range of renewable technologies. We are also capable to deliver turn-key CHP combined heat and power (Co-generation) and also Tri-generation (includes cooling) solutions. Where CHP is a perfect fit are sites with a significant demand of both heat and power, e.g. district heating schemes, hospitals, industrial sites, large commercial, universities..In the very near future Energy Supply Contracts (ESCO) will be of high interest both for the public and business sector. Get in touch with our energy experts to develop your project and make it successful. We are here to stay and will do our best to create value for our customers”. Jürgen A. Lang, Innasol Chief Operations Officer

There are many benefits to an Innasol ESCO, three of which are detailed below:

  • NO upfront investment. Investments without burdening the budget, the measures are financed by the ESCO and existing capital can be used elsewhere
  • Long term cost reduction in the management of buildings
  • ESCO assumes the risk for the technical and economical reliability of the application/system

All Innasol ESCO’s are completely bespoke to suit the customer or the building’s particular requirements and can include the below:

  • Full operating agreement over the contractual period
  • Installation of renewable system: ETA biomass boiler, Innasol Heat Pod, Kohlbach Biomass boiler, Sokratherm gas CHP unit or an IDM heat pump.
  • Fuel supply included: Wood chip or wood pellet
  • Service & maintenance 
  • Full remote monitoring 24/7
  • Innasol Certified Partner subcontracted to look after installation and/or for emergency call outs

Since the launch Innasol have contracted their first ESCO project with The Axholme Academy school in North Lincolnshire. Innasol Certified Partner Ecosmart Energy Systems will replace their oil boiler with two 220kW PE-K boilers providing 20 years of renewable heating with an ETA biomass solution, the school will decrease their carbon emissions by more than 87%.

This new offering from Innasol will shift the business from a distribution only business to an energy solutions provider, creating so many more oppourtunities for Innasol and the partner network as we see many new potential projects that are now accessible with an Innasol ESCO. The investment here will stabilise the renewable energy market for the long term.

If you have any projects in mind where an Innasol ESCO scheme would be beneficial please contact us.

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