There are two ways sustainably managed forests can contribute to savings for the UK. Firstly, regarding freedom and secondly regarding C02.

Our Chairman, Scott Forbes explains what freedom means in this sense.

‘By using locally sourced wood products we remove the dependency upon other countries for fuel sources, this is essentially, freedom. From a direct savings perspective, this also creates a net GDP for the UK. The follow-on impact goes directly into the economic impacts of creating jobs and new small businesses. This is not just savings, but actually, net growth. I think that’s the objective for the country’s businesses!

I would say that the importing of fossil fuels are the antithesis of quality and savings. Because essentially, with transport you have carbon emissions. Additionally, we haven’t found a way yet to transport where it’s not polluting. So, until such a time, you know it’s clearly evident that smart forestry management, locally sourced wood is the better option for making savings for the UK.’

In picture below, Scott Forbes, and right, Silvio Spiess.

Silvio Spiess, our CEO explains what savings in terms of positive carbon balance means.

‘If we only would cut down trees and not re-grow them and burn them, it would be carbon-neutral.
This is a balance that is zero, but we want to be better than zero.

If you use fuel from a sustainably managed forest, then the eco balance is actually positive. Over the last 30 years, we see that there is 1.5 trees planted for every tree cut for biomass fuels.
So the balance is very positive.

Heating is the main issue when it comes to energy, it is the single largest use of energy in this and other industrialised countries. There is a big impact when you think with a carbon positive attitude. This is not just about saving, this is about creative a positive contribution.’

Biomass fuels in the UK are required to demonstrate a minimum carbon saving of 60%, and often achieving much higher emission cuts. And as Scott says, can also contribute to local economy in terms of local jobs and businesses, and as Silvio says, in terms of contributing towards carbon positive ecology. Biomass heating, by nature of the industry, stimulates sustainably managed forests in the with carbon savings, a contribution to wildlife and forest health, and stimulates the rural economy, all on top of providing consumers with high quality heating of their homes and businesses. That is how, a well pruned tree is making savings to our economy.





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