This week at INNASOL our Head of Sales Stuart Gibson has been put in the spotlight to explain via video how to use the touch screen controls on an ETA biomass boiler. This is one of many within our ‘How to’ video series and will help answer the simple but common questions we usually get asked in just a matter of minutes. The video will show you just how user friendly our ETA control systems are so anyone and everyone can feel confident in managing the boiler and heating requirements. Whether it is from the comfort of your home or remotely.

MeinETA controls both heating and the hot water usage of a system, with a user friendly display for ease of operation. The control will display the systems operating status as well as boiler report logs and feeder operating times. This ensures the system runs on optimum fuel efficiency. The controller also displays the temperatures that have been measured in different parts of the system, such as in a particular room, in radiators, outdoors and in the buffer tank. You can also monitor your own hot water charging times along with heating operation times and temperature. All your heating information at the touch of a button and available to you anytime!

This ‘How to’ video looks at an ETA PU boiler specifically looking at the radiator and timer controls. Stuart goes through a detailed step by step guide on how to control the radiator temperatures and how to use the timer functions to suit your heating requirements. You will learn how to set different timers and temperatures and even use functions such as holiday mode to make sure you are heating your property as efficiently as possible and thus keeping your fuel bills to a minimum.

One of the main benefits of the touch screen is that the system can be controlled remotely should technical support be required. This means if a problem has been reported with the system technical support can log in and diagnose any problems remotely, helping to over come any problem quickly with very little interruption.

This then means the boiler can regulate room temperatures and buffer charge status resulting in higher efficiency of the boiler. The touch screen system is versatile but not complicated – which you will see demonstrated in the short video. Whether furnace control, pellet conveying, buffer management, hot water preparation, weather-controlled heating circuit: all of this can be controlled via a touchscreen directly on the boiler or via the internet from any PC, smartphone or tablet. It’s a lot, but it’s easy to handle as the images on the touchscreen are self-explanatory.

Click here to see the video for yourselves just how easy it is. And make sure you keep an eye out for the next in line of our ‘How to’ guides. Remember if you have any questions, contact us. 

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