Service & Maintenance Contracts for Biomass Boilers

Any boiler, be it gas, oil or even coal fired, needs to be serviced from time to time.

By their nature they create dirt, waste products and by-products that invariably build up within the workings which need to be kept clean and in good order. Parts that move will wear against other parts and will also require repair or replacement.

The same is true for biomass.

Biomass boilers also have moving parts, ash is created in the burning process and needs to be cleaned from within the machine and general wear and tear will take its toll over time. Because of their unique nature, only biomass boiler trained technicians will be qualified to service them.


Innasol’s Service & Maintenance

Here at Innasol we train biomass technicians from all across the UK and Europe. Our specialists are the most qualified and most competent in the country, making them the ideal choice for your biomass boiler servicing and maintenance.

Though we specialise in the supply, fitting, installation and maintenance of the ETA boiler brand, our engineers are also trained and capable of servicing other brands too.

So, whatever your biomass boiler brand, whatever its condition and wherever in the UK you are, contact us today to book in your next service.


Some reasons to service your boiler

Aside from the standard reasons for getting a service done, those being continued functioning and warranty maintenance, when it comes to a biomass boiler there are some other incentives too.

First and foremost is income.

The RHI scheme pays out per kWh your boiler produces. The better maintained it is, the more efficiently it runs. The more efficiently it runs, the more kWHs it can produce. The more kWhs it produces the more money you earn from it.

Biomass boilers generally pay for themselves in reduced bills and RHI payments within five years of installation. The better serviced they are, the quicker they cover their cost!


To talk to us about organising a service on your boiler please get in touch today.  Simply complete the form below or you can call us on 01621 892613.

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