Now the heating season is in full swing and we have spent the last few months up and down the country at numerous shows, key notes and events, – we thought now is a better time than any to speak to the guys in the know and get them to answer the very important questions that we come across most often when we are out talking to the homes and businesses owners across the UK looking to make the switch. CEO of Innasol, Silvio Spiess tells us how a biomass boiler or heat pump could help you save.


With oil at an all-time low – why is now a good time to switch to renewable energy?

The obvious but speculative decision to stick with fossil fuels will seem attractive but oil is renowned for its element of unpredictability when it comes to heating costs. Renewable energy however is more stable giving a level of certainty that any home or business owner should be entitled to. Oil price volatility is also likely to remain high, and this is economically costly. The true cost of fossil fuels like oil is much higher than the current market price.


How else does renewable energy provide savings?

By switching to renewable energy you not only save financially but you will save on CO2 emissions too, meaning you are helping create a sustainable environment. If you use fuel from a sustainably managed forest, then the eco balance is actually positive. Over the last 30 years, we see that there is 1.5 trees planted for every tree cut for heating fuel. Heating is the main issue when it comes to energy, it is the single largest use of energy in this and other industrialised countries. There is a big impact when you think with a carbon positive attitude. It is not just about saving, this is about creating a positive contribution. Fuel savings is another bonus when it comes to renewable energy, the cost to run a renewable heating system is much cheaper than standard oil or gas heating systems.

Take a look at our many case studies online to see how many customers have made the switch and saved in fuel costs and CO2 emissions.


When will the Renewable Heat Incentive come to an end?

There is a chance that the RHI could see a significant reduction in the future of course, this is down to such an overwhelming uptake of the installation of renewable heat in the UK and it makes us proud to say that we have been part of that! If you are thinking about it – do it soon if you can! The RHI tariff provides you with guaranteed, index linked payments for years, you’ll be locked into today’s RHI tariff and if they are reduced it won’t affect you and switching sooner rather than later means you can get a return on your investment even sooner. Don’t miss out on this excellent added bonus!

RHI tariffs aside, switching to biomass for your heating and hot water makes perfect sense. Renewable heating systems improve the value of property prices, and offer stable priced, clean and efficient heating.

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