‘UK Commercial organisations will only invest in reliable renewables, as ROI in costs and carbon is key priority to be proven.’

There are three key reasons why senior estimators, commercial directors or heads of sustainability come and talk to us about renewable energy like biomass, in their building.

The Third of those reasons is: they need reliable technology showing actual in and outputs, to rely on future decisions and if other green retrofits make sense.

Large buildings and companies need reliable measurement because they are monsters of energy, costs, sometimes sunken costs and often, a blueprint of future costs. Many companies have public reporting about their carbon (energy goals) or costs (investors) and need efficient data to communicate bench marks or goals efficiently and effectively. Reliable reporting is key in this instance and the state of the art technology to coincide is a must!

There is data to confirm that once a company has a green retrofit or renovation they are likely to repeat the process because they have built up benefit and expertise because they have been able to see gain.

Not only this but other competitors and businesses will follow lead to make sure they’re at the top of their game. If something can be measured it can be managed – here at INNASOL that’s an attribute we take pride in. We only work with the best, proven in over 25 years of renewable energy and wood heating technology and reporting in the Austrian and German markets, which are advanced in the use of commercial and construction based renewable energy implementations.

Oil price volatility is likely to remain high and this is economically costly and with oil prices being so unpredictable, businesses need reliable technology to be able to measure their input and output which all leads back to gaining financial benefit. Technologies need to demonstrate input in terms of cost and infrastructure required and ongoing maintenance costs. They also need to be able to see a return on investment, potential savings in fuel costs and maintenance. This then helps to create benchmarks to make educated decisions on future projects.

Investor meetings become tense when management teams cannot accurately predict the future profit and loss, especially of fixed assets. Understandable in a world of constant product change and market pressure to see grey lines in the product development and new market push, but in the bricks and mortar that often hold the largest costs for an organisation (along with human resources overhead), investors are not amused when fixed costs rise and fall like oil prices, and renovation soars out of control. Everything has to have a return on invest, from product development to building retrofit. That is where we are able to provide that basic fundament of proven return, clear renovation costs and the ease of moving a biomass solution into old building stock for quick win retrofit activities.

The choice of renewable energy technology depends on the balance of energy demand in your business, and the existing supply network at your site. To learn more click here.

When it comes to other green retrofits, PV, solar, insulation, led lightening etc. these combined can offer even greater returns not just financially but there are also environmental and social benefits such as CO2 reductions and better working environments. There is also upfront capital expenditure and lifestyle costs such as design, installation, running costs, service and maintenance costs and all implications. When doing such projects these are the considerations to take into account and looking at the bigger picture as a whole.

Take a look at a range of our case studies and see how they have benefited other businesses to help you decide which product is best for you. You can also take a look at our extensive range to see which product would be suit your business needs.

In terms of other green retrofits there is a huge market when it comes to deciding what to choose. Here at INNASOL we supply a range of IDM heat pumps and ETA biomass boilers which are the best performing technology to satisfy renewable heating needs. Whether it be small commercial buildings or a cascade system for a larger commercial property.


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