We believe that ideal partners are the key to delivering on the promises that those of us in renewable energies make. We know the science and the math of sustainably managed forests and also how to convert each precious wood chip or pellet into a warm shower at home, or hot oven for your business. So, we go to great lengths to make sure you actually see these benefits and it starts, literally, at the seed.

Angus Duguid our construction expert at Innasol, explains it in terms of what it means in big projects, as well as farm to fork.

‘Knowing and managing your supply chain is absolutely vital in the construction industry. It’s the only way in which they can operate. If they have a sporadic and fractured supply chain, which they can’t rely on, they will lose money because they will not finish jobs on time, and they’ll create risks not just to their own business but to customers in terms of delivery.

For people like us, it’s about the quality of the fuel, managing the quality of the fuel.

If you walk into any top restaurant in London, the head chefs will know where their food comes from down to the farmer that it’s coming from, because it’s a quality control issue. They know exactly what they’re looking for and they know that they get the right quality out of that farmer or grower. If we are selling a quality boiler which requires a quality fuel, we need to find the right set of people who develop a quality timber product which can convert either into chip or pellet that can, most efficiently work for our system, which then ultimately gets passed on to the end customer as benefits like greater efficiencies of provision of heat and hot water with less C02 footprint.

Ideal partners mean everything to us. We work with people who currently have forested areas or woodland areas and work with them, because they’re quite often cottage industries. We like to help them develop their industries, which is back to developing the rural economy (which is massively shrinking).’

Silvio Spiess, our CEO, agreed, saying that fuel suppliers are the key guys who actually deliver on the promise of sustainable heating, and ensuring that customers get their heating incentive from the government.

‘In our industry we have the fuel suppliers as guys who play a main role here as they need to organise distribution, sales and distribution of the wood fuel for customers. It is absolutely vital that they provide wood fuel that comes out of a sustainably managed forest. That is the point of sustainable and renewable energies! So they have to prove that they are certified for all their forestry processes. Certainly any woodfuel supplier we recommend is absolutely best in class for their care of the environment, and also that their are good on price to quality ratio. We promise our customers that they will support the environment and save on their energy bill, so it matters that both happens! The woodfuel suppliers need to meet all the environmental criteria, so the home or business customer who bought the biomass boiler will get the renewable heat incentives (RHI) from the government.’

An expert in industry development, Scott Forbes, said that great partners are so precious, it is even worth to help them bring their business along, like with formal engagements.

‘Like in any industry, there are ok companies, and really great companies. We like to identify, on behalf of our partners as well as the industry, those who are very reliable and quality in their offering. To this extent, we may even consider getting directly involved on a venture basis or an investment basis ourselves in order to ensure that quality is maintained. For us, engagements are about our goal to deliver quality, reliable products not only to our partners but our end consumers as well. There are some companies that should be supported by Innasol and by the industry, and that is what ideal partners are about and how we prioritise it.’

Partnership for us means everyone from the yogi bears in forests to qualified renewable energy experts who install innovative sustainable energy in homes and businesses. If you think you would like to join this in our team, or as an installer partner, please contact us!




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