A combined heat and power system (CHP) unit is an efficient solution that generates heat and electricity. With a gas-powered combustion engine and an alternator it generates electricty. By extracting nearly all the heat from engine cooling and exhausts, it produces heat which can be used for heating buildings – it is as simple as that.

We decided to sign German-based Sokratherm to be our exclusive gas CHP supplier for the UK. The decision was simple. Sokratherm has been manufacturing class leading combined heat and power units since 1977 from their state of the art production facility in Germany. Sokratherm offers a wide product range of compact CHP units from 50kW to 550kW and has installed more than 1,500 CHP units. Ideal for our customers, and partners.

  • Excellent efficiency rate of up to 97% – which helps them to get the most from the energy contained in the fuel and minimise the energy cost.
  • Cost-efficient installation in narrow rooms due to very compact design.
  • Low integration cost due to the CHP integrated switchgear cabinet which minimises the onsite wiring expenditures and the triple vibration damping which often makes a costly baseplate obsolete.
  • Outstanding sound insulation which allows for an installation of the CHP units also in sound sensitive buildings
  • Constant, unattended operation by fully automatic CHP control system with remote monitoring and control
  • Highest reliability and therefore low operation and maintenance costs due to carefully selected serial parts from leading producers.
  • Best protection of the environment with catalyst and self-calibrating lambda control for the gas engine operation in the lowest emission range.

You can benefit from a Sokratherm gas CHP unit if;

  • Your building has a high heat and power demand
  • Your building has a constant high heat base load over the year
  • Your business pays a climate change levy
  • Your business is affected by the carbon reduction commitment

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