Take advantage of our free biomass boiler survey!

Innasol, the UK market leader in biomass and renewable heating solutions, are offering you the chance to get a free survey of your premises to demonstrate how you could take advantage of a biomass boiler.

Why go biomass?

  • Can reduce energy bills by approx. 50%
  • Earn an income from government RHI scheme for 7 years on domestic and 20 years on commercial
  • 90% heating efficiency
  • Guaranteed return on investment
  • ETA Biomass boilers come with standard 5-year warranties
  • Remote online monitoring available provided there is an internet connection
  • Only pay for the fuel you use
  • Ongoing service packages available
  • Carbon neutral heating

A biomass boiler can reduce your heating bills and generate you an income!

If you are currently using oil, electricity or LPG to heat your home or business then a biomass boiler CAN save you money.
With the efficiency of around 90%, biomass boilers are excellent at using less fuel to produce more heat.
What’s more, they are eligible for the governments Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme, which will pay you a tax-free, index-linked payment for 7 years on residential properties and 20 years on commercial properties! Covering the cost of your boiler as well as providing an income.
Inefficiency alone, a biomass boiler typically pays for itself through reduced fuel costs and government incentives so you really can’t lose!

Fitting biomass boilers to suit your needs

Biomass boilers are larger than traditional oil boilers and electric systems and will increase in size depending on the heating output requirements.
Simply put, the larger your property, the larger your boiler will have to be to heat it.
Therefore, the boilers range in size, some that can fit inside and others that require more space. In some instances, it can be necessary to build outdoor structures to house your boiler. All of which will be checked in your survey.

Highly skilled installers

To ensure you are always given the best service, Innasol runs continuous training programmes for our certified installers. This means you will always be given an excellent level of service, fantastic expertise and a high quality boiler to suit your needs.
We insist that our installers are always up to speed on the latest equipment, are fully trained in the installation of all the boilers in our range and are qualified to provide you with accurate surveys and recommendations.
Each ETA biomass boiler comes with a 5 year warranty on parts.

Arrange your free no obligation survey today!

If you are interested in future proofing your heating system we will arrange for one of our certified and highly-trained installers to survey your business or home and assess your heating and hot water requirements.
This will allow us to determine what size and capacity boiler you may need.
This will take into consideration the kind of building you have, the energy efficiency levels of your property, the energy output requirements you have and the existing heating system you have in place.
This ensures that the solution you are given will always measure up, producing the same (if not more) heating, for a lower cost!