Replace your old biomass boiler with the latest model without changing your RHI tariff f

If your biomass boiler was provided as part of the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme, then you are eligible to have it replaced while maintaining your original RHI tariff.

What you need to know

How does the process work?

If you have a biomass boiler which is not working correctly properly and you are wishing to have it replaced then in the first instance you need to alert Ofgem and instruct them that is the case. You must then take a final meter reading at which point Ofgem will pause your quarterly payments. Once your new system is up and running and as long as it still meets the eligibility criteria of the scheme your payments will resume.
If your original biomass system is now too small, you can replace it with a larger biomass boiler however your tariff will remain the same based on the original application size. If your system was oversized and you are wishing to replace it with a smaller boiler then your tariff will also remain the same however, any tiering thresholds that applied to the original installation would be adjusted and based on the capacity of the replacement plant.
Our support is in helping ensure that a suitable replacement ETA biomass boiler model is sourced and available to you including all after sales services such as ongoing maintenance.

What are the benefits?

With this amendment to the RHI scheme you can now benefit from a brand new high quality, super-efficient biomass boiler as well as a 5 year warranty on parts. By replacing your system you can improve your running costs and take full advantage of the remaining term on your RHI contract.

When does the scheme start?

The official start date of the replacement scheme was 1st October 2018 at which point you could inform Ofgem you wished to replace your existing system. The RHI scheme itself will run until 2021, therefore any applications approved before then would be eligible for the replacement scheme.

How do Innasol Help?

As the UK’s leading experts in the biomass boiler industry, we provide excellent training to our network of installers who will come to the site, complete a survey and provide a quote to fit and maintain your boiler. Innasol provides the supply of ETA parts and equipment ensuring the very best boilers and boiler parts are fitted across our network.
We also guide you on biomass boilers, what boilers are most suited to your kind of business, what considerations you need to have thought of and we match you with a suitable and local installer to fit your boiler.

Our purpose is to help you achieve better biomass efficiency, forever!

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