Here at Innasol, we are permanently screening our surrounding markets for the very best in renewable energy technology and efficient power solutions, and then making exclusive deals with the manufacturing companies that create them.

Which means our sales and installation partners in the UK and Ireland get highly competitive access to the best products and training on the market, and our customers get the best and class leading technology for their requirements. A clear win-win-win situation.

Innasol’s manufacturing partners:

ETA BIOMASS BOILERS: small – medium sized wood chip, pellet or log biomass boilers suitable for small houses right through to schools, large estates and district heating systems. Available in a range of 7kW – 500kW.

KOHLBACH BIOMASS BOILERS: large scale biomass boilers capable for various biomass fuel types suitable for large district heating networks, manufacturing plants and other large businesses. Available in a range of 1MW – 15MW, different applications can provide heat, steam or electricity output.

INNASOL HEAT PODS: a plug and play heating solution housing an ETA biomass boiler and fuel store suitable for small houses right through to poultry farms. Available in a range of 7kW – 500kW.

SOKRATHERM GAS CHP UNITS: a medium scale combined heat and power system suitable for buildings with a high heat and electricity demand such as hospitals or food processing plants. Available in a range of 50kWe – 550kWe.

As with everything at Innasol, we’re proud of what we help to achieve, install and maintain every day. We’re also constantly improving our offering, always searching for the best in renewable energy and efficient power solutions, for our customers, our partners, and the planet.

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No one has ever created anything like Innasol. Which is why we run our own, purpose-built Innasol academy. To ensure that our partners and other professionals are meticulously trained to deliver the highest standards of service to their customers, from initial quote to installation and regular maintenance.

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