The Innasol Boiler Replacement Programme.

We believe our ETA biomass boilers are the most efficient boilers ever. We guarantee we will save you money with the Innasol Boiler Replacement Programme!

Technology has moved on.

Existing biomass installations often are outdated and unable to deliver what latest technology can do. Reports revealed that 66,5% of all installations are underperforming. We are on a mission to change this and ensure you achieve the full potential of your heating system.

Your new boiler.

The best boiler from Austrian manufacturer ETA. Ranked number one for product quality. It delivers the highest efficiency values paired with the lowest fuel costs available in biomass heating.

Your benefits.

Guaranteed reliability and performance. Reduced fuels costs. Reduced emissions. Guaranteed fuel supply and maintenance. Increased property value.

Let’s keep it simple.

Our three step approach will leave you with the best heating solution, guaranteed!

Step one: Analyse.

We will carefully analyse your existing biomass boiler installation and provide you with an Innasol efficiency report. To find out if you qualify and to propose the best solution.

Step two: Replace.

We upgrade your existing biomass installation to the more advanced ETA equivalent, providing guaranteed performance, reduced fuel costs and highest efficiency.

Step three: Installation, Maintenance and Fuel Supply.

We choose the most suited Innasol Certified Partner for your installation who will carry out the work at the highest standards and ensure necessary service work takes place in regular time periods. On top of it, you can opt for our fuel supply subscription. It will keep you hassle free at all times.

Call us: 01621 892613 and take part in the Innasol Boiler Replacement Programme