PBESCO – Your partner of renewable heating systems in South and West Wales.

PBESCO Ltd originally began life as an energy supply company, back in 2007. Having installed our own boilers in our energy centre, to supply heat to our customer to heat a water world in the Bluestone National Park Holiday resort in Pembrokeshire, we then developed biomass fuel supply chains for wood chip and wood pellets. Less than 2 years ago, PBESCO returned to its origins with the re-commencement of biomass boiler installs.

PBESCO rapidly became an Innasol Certified Partner specialising in the installation of the larger non-domestic installs in the West Wales area. Our smallest installs have been for the ETA Hack 50 boiler, both pellet and chip installs. Whilst our largest install is an ETA Hack 500 that has been installed to provide heat for kiln drying timber at a sawmill, as well as utilising any spare heat to be blown through a drying floor to dry out chip for feeding into the boiler as fuel.

Being based in West Wales, our client base consists mainly of a mix of agricultural and rural based businesses, largely off-grid for mains gas and depending on heating oil or electric. Many of these customers would still justify the investment that they make, even without the RHIs.

They are choosing PBESCO to supply and install their boilers because of our unique all round service. Not only do we supply and install what are the best boilers in the UK, but we provide a comprehensive support package, covering servicing and maintenance, as well as the fuel supply – be it chip or pellets.

This provides a unique assurance and guarantee to the customer, on top of the ETA 5 year warranty, that we will never turn up to a customer call out and end up blaming the fuel for the problem! The last call out that PBESCO had was to a boiler with an empty hopper; so it was “lack of fuel” rather than “quality of fuel”.

Our customers want reliability. With ETA boilers and PBESCO support and backup, this is exactly what they get!