The Engineering Support Partnership (ESP) was established in 1994 and has designed and installed a wide range of building services projects including the first (500kW) biomass installation in 2001.

ESP has secured a significant amount of funding to assist with the installation of biomass heating systems into care homes, and together with Innasol we are pleased to bring the opportunity of funding to the Innasol approved partner network.

There are two Primary Models:-

Prices of service and maintenance agreements are dependent on the installation. For more information please contact us.

Model One: Biomass For Free

Whereby ESP will fund the installation, essentially by paying the installer directly for the boiler and installation works.

In addition, we will also provide 20-year maintenance offer to the facility for a standard inclusive fee of approximately £300 per annum (+RPI).

Model Two: Client funded

As per the free model, we will also make a commission payment to the installer.

  • Suitability of Properties

    Suitable multiple occupancy properties include student accommodation, care homes, flats, houses etc. but the properties must be;

    1. Existing and occupied, not new build
    2. Residential
    3. Permanent residence (>3months)
    4. Insulated in loft and walls (unless solid wall) prior to the installation of the district heating and;
    5. Residents must have access for use of a cooking facility that includes a stove and kitchen sink (not a commercial kitchen).
  • Funding Approval

    Funding is available for both client funded and ESP “Biomass for free” schemes. To obtain funding the installer must provide;

    • Property information;
    • Client name
    • Full address
    • Units
    • Start date
    • Finish Date
    • Existing heating details
    • Proposed heating details
    • Floor plans from the client in pdf or dwg
    • ESP will confirm funding acceptance prior to any work commencing
    • Signed authorisations are then to be obtained by the installer (all standard docs which are provided by ESP for signature by Client / Resident);
    • Permission for the works by landlord or management company
    • Address confirmation relating to the permitted works
    • Kitchen declaration, if applicable
    • Resident declaration, if applicable
    • Consent statement from resident and / or landlord
    • High level survey
    • ESP require access to the building to undertake full building survey
  • Installer Qualifications

    Installers must be able to demonstrate competence;

    1. HETAS or equivalent approved certification
    2. Gas Safe certification if working with gas
    3. Electrical certification if working with electricity

    Evidence of the installers competence must be provided prior to any work commencing.

  • Health and Safety / Compliance

    During the works, there may be random H&S visits to ensure the works are progressing in a safe and compliant manner however, notice will be provided in advance of any visits.

    After completion and handover of the works further site visits may be undertaken to ensure that the completed installation is compliant. Notice will be provided of such visits and it is expected that the installer to have a representative present.

  • Completion

    The following documents are to be provided on completion;

    1. HETAS or equivalent approved certificate of compliance
    2. Part P certificate including photo evidence of the operatives ECS card
    3. Boiler warranty
    4. EC declaration of conformity of boiler
    5. Boiler plate photo
    6. Client acceptance of conformity at completion of installation
  • Payment

    A typical 40 bed care home will typically generate a payment of £15,000 to £20,000 which will be paid to the installer for their distribution / retention.

    All paperwork must be submitted within 7 days of completion, this will be processed throughout the month and scheduled for payment from the month end. We will provide a schedule of monthly dates for the installer to work within.

    Payment is 95% on 30 days from month end date with 5% retention held for 12 months, this may vary slightly dependent on fund source.

More information?

If you’d like to enquire about the biomass district heating funding please get in touch

01621 892613