Here at Innasol our aim is to make sure our customers can come to us for a ‘one stop shop’. Alongside our renewable heating systems and efficient power solutions are all the necessary bells and whistles, ensuring a smooth and simple experience for our customers and partners. From fuel supply and service & maintenance packages for our customers through to training courses and a Certified Partner programme for our partners. We are committed to meeting the highest standards of service in renewable heating systems and efficient power solutions.

SERVICE AND MAINTENANCE: our complete range of service and maintenance agreements to suit all installations meaning that you can ensure that your installation is properly looked after by an Innasol approved expert for the years to come.

TRAINING: Innasol’s dedicated training academy based in Essex is where Innasol partners and the professional public are able to enrol on specialist training courses that are specific to our product offerings. These courses range from sales and product modules right through to servicing and troubleshooting modules.

FINANCING, RHI & ROC: Innasol has the facility to provide commercial customers with a range of financial support options, whilst the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) or Renewables Obligation Certificate (ROC) are Government-backed scheme designed to financially reward those who use or produce renewable energy. An attractive bonus for installing the most advance technology in renewable heating and efficient power solutions.

CERTIFIED PARTNERS: a select group of our Innasol partners have been through the Certified Partner programme. Our certified partners are all being assessed for their commitment in excellent customer service, they have been meticulously trained at our own training academy and hold a premium status.

BIOMASS DISTRICT HEATING FUNDING: Innasol has the facility to provide funding for district heating projects through the Engineering Support Partnership. This is a flexible scheme with a choice of two attractive primary models.

As with everything at Innasol, we’re proud of what we help to achieve, install and maintain every day. We’re also constantly improving our offering, always searching for the best in renewable energy and efficient power solutions, for our customers, our partners, and the planet.

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Specialist Training

No one has ever created anything like Innasol. Which is why we run our own, purpose-built Innasol academy. To ensure that our partners and other professionals are meticulously trained to deliver the highest standards of service to their customers, from initial quote to installation and regular maintenance.

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