Our recent partnership with the Engineering Support Partnership (ESP) has bought tremendous feedback so far, but of course a new partnership and offering comes a bundle of questions and what ifs. We hope the below will help with those initial questions. If you have any more questions or think you have a potential suitable project please do get in touch to discuss.

  1. Is there any preference between the biomass for free model and client funded models? No, the model chosen is the choice of the installer and client.
  1. What should we do if we have a project that we feel may be suitable? In the first instance, you should email your ASM & funding@espprojects.com providing your contact details and the address of the facility. We will then take you through the process.
  1. Does the receipt of funding effect the ability to claim the Non-domestic RHI? No, the RHI payments can still be claimed in full.
  1. You have confirmed that the commission payment is in the region of £15,000 to £20,000. At what point do we know how much commission we will receive? Once you confirm the project details we can undertake our assessment and provide you with a minimum value that will be paid on completion.
  1. Do I have to give any of the commission to the client, facility owner or operator? It is entirely at your discretion if commission is shared, however as forms are required to be completed by the client then we would suggest that if the client is not opting for the “biomass or free model” then a contribution may be considered.
  1. What is the contractual route for Client funded installations? With client funded schemes we only require an agreement with yourselves, specifying what we will pay you, when we will pay you and what we both need to provide to release funding.
  1. What is the contractual route for ESP funded installations? In addition to our agreement with yourselves specified above, we will issue you with a purchase order for the works against your approved quotation and we will provide the client with our contract, specifying the obligations of each party.
  1. If the commission we receive is consistent under both models, can the clients biomass model be changed between client funded and “biomass for free” at any time before completion? If we have agreed to proceed on “biomass for free” this cannot be changed, however we are very likely to accept a scheme that was initially intended to be client funded.
  1. We have a potential client that has a large number of facilities, is there any limit to the number of projects that you will accept and pay commission on? Whilst on average we have the ability to accept in the region of 100 installations per Innasol Partner and pay commission per project, we do need to co-ordinate delivery of the projects and be confident your projects will be delivered when agreed.
  1. On the “Biomass for free” model, do you wish to contract with the installer to deliver maintenance over the 20 year term and do we receive payment at commercial rates? It is our preference to contract with you at commercial rates if you have undertaken the installation.
  1. Are you able to provide fuel services to the client? Yes, irrelevant of the model, Client funded of “Biomass for free” we can provide fuel services in conjunction with Innasol. Please speak to your Innasol representative regarding fuel supply.
  1. Are we required to use ETA boilers for the installation? Yes, all projects delivered through ESP and on which commission is paid must use ETA boilers, buffers and ancillary equipment. Heat Pods are also an appropriate solution.

For information in full, please see our dedicated webpage.

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