90kW & 130kW ETA Biomass Boilers



The National Trust’s grade one listed mansion house had two very large oil boilers and an
oil tank in the basemen t that needed to be replaced. The boiler replacement was to reduce
carbon emissions and increase efficiency and reliability of the heating system.



Two ETA HACK boilers were installed, one 90kW HACK and one 130kW HACK along side a new
timber clad fuel hopper. This was the best solution to suit the space availability and heat demand of
the house which requires a 200kW system. The combined two biomass boiler solution gives piece of
mind, in the unlikely scenario that one boiler breaks down, the other will continue to operate, so
heating in the house will not be lost.


Boiler type – 90kW & 130kW ETA HACK Boiler

Fuel Type – Wood Chip

Fuel Savings –

RHI Revenue -£17,940 / year approx.

Total Revenue – £358,800 / year approx.

Payback Time – 6 years

CO2 Savings- 90 tonnes / year

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