ETA – Our chosen brand for small to medium scale biomass provide us with the most technology advanced, fully automatic and highly efficient small to medium scale biomass boilers available on the market. There is a full range of wood chip, wood pellet and log boilers that start from 7kW and go right up to 500kW, some of which can be cascaded to achieve an even larger output.

You are probably wondering why we chose to work with ETA over all of the other great brands available on the market? With ETA being most technically advanced its simple. Recently ETA redesigned their most popular wood chip boiler – the HACK boiler. It now includes so many new functions and benefits that it has been rebranded to be the eHACK! Let me introduce you…

There are many new functions of the eHACK that the HACK boiler didn’t have, which is surprising considering it already boasted the leading software and hardware available on the market. The new functions of the eHACK now include:

Additional functions of the ETA eHACK

    • Integrated flue gas recirculation pipework
    • Optimised ignition with noisless ceramic igniters
    • EC draught fan
    • Integrated return riser
    • Optional internal electrostatic precipitator
    • Automatic de-ashing now withash rotary valve and ash rake above combustion chamber (both patented)
    • Ash box: extra large, but practical to empty
    • Maintenance switch with maintenance guide and maintenance protocol on the touchscreen

The new eHACK is currently available in sizes up to 45kW but by the end of the year the larger of the ETA HACK boilers will be replaced with eHACK boilers in 50kW, 60kW, 70kW and 80kW sizes.

The new eHACK boiler is suitable for a domestic dwelling through to district heating schemes and up to farms – a very versatile wood chip boiler. If you think this boiler could be suited to you please get in touch for further information and a free quote.


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