Maximising your RHI Payments

If you’ve got a biomass boiler already operating on your property or business premises, then the chances are you’re already claiming the RHI payments from the government.

But, did you know that the RHI scheme is paid per kWh that your boiler produces?

This means that the more efficient your boiler the more you can earn from the RHI scheme. The kWh’s produced by your boiler are directly related to the state of repair and upkeep it is maintained to.

Translation, the better condition your boiler is in, the more it earns for you.

What does maintenance involve?

A maintenance contract provides a number of benefits and services. Chief among which is that your boiler can be (in most cases) remotely monitored to identify any potential problems before any issue or breakdown occurs.

Maintenance also includes site visits by technicians to replace, repair, clean and service your boiler’s parts to keep it working effectively. These technicians are well-trained, skilled and experienced in ensuring you get the very best out of your biomass boiler.

If your boiler is within warranty, replacement parts or repairs are usually free of charge. Whilst, if the boiler is out of warranty, regular servicing and maintenance are the cheapest and most effective ways of preventing breakdowns or large repair costs in the event of an issue.

How do I go about getting biomass boiler maintenance organised?

Here at Innasol we specialise in the provision, training, supply and technical support of biomass boilers and their use. With long-running experience in the industry and not just another flash-in-the-pan renewable energy company, we have the skills and the longevity to look after your biomass needs now and in the future.

Contact us today and we’ll be delighted to arrange a free survey of your boiler to ascertain what the best course of action would be.

Maintenance is a vital element in ensuring your biomass boiler continues to function to the best of its potential, remains efficient, continues to heat your home, business or property and maximises your RHI earnings!

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