We think it is a combination of both, and also see that the Forestry Commission also thinks this is a good idea too. They reported that at least 2 million tonnes of unused woodfuel supplies a year could be used to heat schools, businesses, and other buildings. The Commission said that using the extra wood supplies for fuel in England could help create green growth, improve woodlands and reduce greenhouse gasses. Also citing that wood chip boilers could be used for buildings like schools, blocks of flats, housing or small business which could use fuel from local woodlands and benefit those who want to be free from the gas grid, or those who rely on oil. The Forestry Commission confirmed it would reduce the cost of energy and carbon emissions.

Of course we know this, because that is why we brought Innasol to life so we could be the Superpower that helps homes and businesses get on this track. It is just great to see others in the field, citing something that cavemen and lumberjacks have known for an eternity -> There is untapped resource in our local forests which could be used for those who really need it.

Essentially, it is about less waste and greater utilisation. Which in our opinion is the recipe for being a step ahead, in economics and home budgets, as well as helping mother earth sustain her energy for the next generations.

Someone who knows the scene very well, is Scott Forbes, who has a big passion in sustainable business explains that we have much to learn from other countries, and keep a sense of social conscience.

‘If you are in renewable energy business and you have a social conscience; you see that forestry management can be done on a sustainable basis. For years there was a great worry about the Amazon and not only how it is affecting Brazil, but essentially how it is impacting the entire world and environment of the earth. Although that was a big worry, Brazil had cracked the puzzle and found the answer in sustainable forestation. You know we certainly can do that in the UK. This is important for the earth because responsible forestry management is not just carbon neutral, but an overall benefit to the environment in the UK. It’s demonstrating leadership for doing business in the UK and this is just one aspect of our business.

Additionally, we should have a social responsibility as it relates to jobs, And this is type of business is creating a jobs and an industry, within our agricultural economies. It’s better and more intelligent use of land and people. There are some ideas that there are certain soils where you can’t grow food crops so you can absolutely plant trees for fuel instead. It’ll be just fine, in fact just perfect for that. It’s a more intelligent land utilisation. You could also say, that demonstrating leadership as a business irrespective of whether you are in renewable energy business or just really any business that leverages the environment, to it’s best capability.’

Additionally, David Surtees, (our CFO who is not just a bean counter, but a tree counter too!) said that sustainably managed forests is the leading type job creator too.

‘In the UK our woodland has been an under-utilised resource for quite some considerable time. I think anything that supports the local agriculture and creates jobs in rural areas which typically have seen loss of employment rather than active gains in employment, it is a good thing. Therefore, I think, it certainly is progressive of the government to encourage the forest to be managed sustainably going forward.’

Angus Duguid an expert who comes from large construction projects, explains that working together as we have seen in other industries, is the key towards bringing this better understanding to the forefront.

‘In terms of where we’ve got to over the recent years and how we use, basic energies, and forest in particular, people talk about protecting the environment, particularly obviously wooded environment, the reality is that if that’s unmanaged it becomes unsustainable and hugely expensive basis. So the greater use and the permanent use for wood for fuel allows development of management techniques in order to deliver that in a sustainable and managed manner – which is best use of the land and more effective use of land. Then the biomass companies like ourselves can be part of that full supply chain management and inform everyone within the eco-system. You tend to find that through the construction industry and the end user or developer has been very well informed, for instance, how people have worked with glazing and the properties of glazing, or air conditioning systems. There is no reason why biomass can’t be exactly the same with forestry, and supporting it.

We need to share the virtues and explain that to the wider public, making people aware of where sustainable forestry is being undertaken (that might be near to them) and the benefits that it can give. But just allowing things to kind of run free, there is no benefit to that. If you speak to anyone who managed a rural estate such they can often be in a hugely expensive and hugely resource-intensive project. The more that we can work as a joint industry, rather than a fractured industry, I think the better. And therefore both can learn from both sides.’




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