As a landlord, if you have multiple properties or units in the same location, you could see a significant saving through the use of biomass boilers.

First and foremost, you could qualify for the governments Renewable Heat Incentive and earn money back for 20 years. Meaning you’re making money off the heating of your properties.

Secondly, biomass boilers have cheaper fuel costs, meaning both you and your tenants save. They also have meters which can measure usage per property or unit, so you can accurately bill your tenants for their usage.

Lower fuel costs make your properties more desirable to prospective tenants, knowing they will have significantly cheaper heating bills will always play a big part in their rental decision making. This means you can potentially charge slightly above market rate for your biomass fuelled properties.

Once the biomass system is installed the maintenance is low as are running costs. Typically, the installer who put your biomass boiler in place will take care of ongoing maintenance and upkeep. This is something that you can build into your rental price, meaning you never have to cover these expenses yourself, instead having them dealt with by your happy, low-heating-bill tenants.


Some more reasons

The green and renewable energy craze is not going away, more government incentives are on the way and the media are as focused as ever on the issue of pollution and the need for sustainable energy sources to be found and brought into the mainstream.

The younger generation have lived with the media focus around renewables their entire lives and are far more aware and concerned for it than previous generations. Being as the new rental market is dominated by the younger people, having biomass in your properties will send a clear message to those tenants that you are a responsible and environmentally aware landlord.


Basic Process

If you are interested in getting a biomass boiler in any of your properties, then your first step will be to contact Innasol. We will then put you in touch with a local installer who will attend your property(s) to undertake a survey.

This will allow them to suggest the best boiler to meet your needs and also to provide you with a cost estimate on installation and maintenance.

If you would like to know more, or if your are interested in looking at getting biomass in your properties, please get in touch with us by completing this short form below today!

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