Whatever your situation, if you own a property, either a business premises or residential you should consider investing in biomass heating.

What is biomass?

Biomass is the name given to biological fuel burned to create energy. Most commonly this is in the form of specially manufactured wood pellets. These are usually generated from untreated waste wood or from specially gown and managed tree stocks. The wood pellets are designed to burn at a consistent rate, meaning their energy release is predictable and stable.

In addition, the forests they are grown from are sustainable, pellets are only taken from trees that have reached a certain size and age, and the forests are constantly replanted and replenished. This makes the wood pellet fuel carbon neutral.

This qualifies it for government incentives, being a renewable and sustainable fuel source, it becomes classified as green energy and many businesses and households can take advantage of the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme. This can pay a subsidy which can generate an income in real terms as it can often exceed the fuel costs of the biomass boiler.

Why invest in biomass?

Biomass is a growing fuel source across central Europe and Scandinavia, more incentives for using it are anticipated and many new builds are now installing biomass as a preferred heating source.

Boilers are long-lasting and more advanced than their gas and oil counterparts. With remote login capability, biomass installers can check a boiler is functioning properly without having to have the customer report a problem. In addition, the remote login functions can tell installers if new parts are needed, if the boiler needs cleaning or what part of the system is experiencing a problem. Meaning maintenance is highly efficient.

As the price of oil, gas and fossil fuels worldwide will invariably rise over the coming decades, the prevalence of alternative fuel types will only increase in popularity. Unlike many of its green energy counterparts, such as wind or solar, biomass provides year-round, non-weather-dependant, consistent, predictable energy output.

Therefore, making it far more likely to be used as a viable replacement for oil or gas heating. Larger construction projects, house builders and property developers are predicted to increase their use of biomass in the future.

How can you invest in biomass?

If you are interested in biomass and would like more information on how you can start taking advantage of this high-growth market, please get in touch with us.

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