A recent visit organised by the Wood Heat Association to Drax power station in North Yorkshire proved to be a fascinating insight into the huge operation at the site as well as a chance to discuss with the sustainability team at Drax the synergies between large scale biomass to power operations and the users of biomass heat and the associated supply chain.

Drax puts a great deal of resource into educating people about the sustainability of timber supply, emissions, jobs created within their operation and so on. Sound familiar? They also work with Government and NGO’s to promote the benefits of biomass for power production. But there are still obstacles such as emissions which are difficult to overcome in today’s political climate despite the use of electrostatic precipitators and high levels of ash management. As a side note you will be pleased to know that with emissions and air quality high on the political agenda, ETA has a market leading electrostatic precipitator available as a retrofit accessory or integrated with new eHack boilers on request.


The tour of the site (in electric vehicles) was followed by lunch and a members of the Wood Heat Association meeting. We discussed existing policy, analysis of RHI deployment, the future of renewable heat and government policy developments from 2020 – 2030 and beyond. We would encourage our network partners join the WHA as it provides great opportunities for learning, networking, lobbying and policy updates.


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