Heating Options for Schools & Academies


When it comes to efficiently heating a large building or complex such as a school or academy the simple logistics of doing so can be challenging enough. Not to mention the cost!

Legislation governs the acceptable level of heating that must be maintained in order for the establishment to remain open and operating. Therefore, you need an effective, efficient, reliable and cost-effective heating solution.


Consider Biomass

As climate change and renewable energy becomes an ever more relevant issue, the need for educational establishments to lead the way in sustainability grows. Biomass is a carbon-neutral, renewable, bio-fuel burning boiler system which operates at comparable levels of efficiency to that of gas-fired boilers.

Furthermore, it provides a consistent heat output, so it is a reliable option. Unlike wind or solar power, biomass does not rely on an inconsistent fuel source. Calm days or cloudy skies won’t affect its ability to produce heat.


How does biomass work?

Biomass boilers are ideal for schools and academies as it is a self-contained boiler system burning a sustainably sourced wood pellet product. These wood pellets are created from trees grown in renewed and carefully managed forests as well as waste wood products and off-cut wood from sawmills and other wood processing facilities.

The pellets are created by grinding the wood down into fragments which are then compressed into pellet form. They are treated with bio products to dry them and then shipped to biomass boiler installations for loading and burning.

The pellets burn at a consistent and predictable rate, meaning you can always be sure to get the same energy output from every batch of fuel.


Why is biomass a good option for my school or academy?

Firstly, the process is sustainable and renewable, meaning it sets an example on the more sensible way to heat your school. Beyond which, being a renewable and green energy source, it can qualify you for the government’s RHI scheme which can pay an income for every kWh produced.

Typically, customers make the money invested into the switch to biomass back within five years. After which, all RHI payments and reduced energy bills all count as an income, neutralising what would have once been a large overhead on your school or academy’s bottom line. It could even become a money-making investment.


Where do we start?

Contact Innasol today and we’ll be happy to discuss your options, plans and current heating requirements and costs. From there we can arrange a free survey of your premises to assess its suitability for a biomass boiler and provide a quote for the installation.

Give us a call, we’d be delighted to help make your school or academy greener, more sustainable and more environmentally-friendly, as well as saving you money!

Want to find out more
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