ETA SH Twin 30kW Biomass Boiler

Installation Partner: Menai Heating


The customer wanted to replace their outdated oil fueled boiler with a heating system that made use of an ample supply of logs and could easily be automated as they were often away from home. The solution was to provide space heating and hot water to the large detached property with outbuildings.


The new ETA dual log and pellet boiler means that the owner is now able to make use of the ample supply of logs while they are at the property. The combined pellet boiler automatically acts as a back-up for periods when they are unable to replenish the logs in the boiler, providing them with all the space heating and hot water that they need all of the time.


Boiler Type: ETA SH Twin 30kW
Fuel Type: Log and wood pellets
Fuel Savings: £400 per year
RHI Revenue: £3,123 per year
Payback Time: 5 years approx.
CO2 Savings: 11.5 tonnes per year


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