Alternatives to Gas Boilers

If you’re considering an alternative to using your gas boiler to heat your home or business, then you could be forgiven for wondering what alternatives even exist and what the implications of using them might be.


Why should you consider Biomass?

We believe biomass could and should be a strong contender in and decision about replacing your gas boiler. Biomass boilers run at an average efficiency of 88-91% which is comparable to the most up-to-date gas boilers. Meaning you don’t have any need to compromise on efficiency.

Biomass boilers run on wood. There are wood pellets specifically manufactured for use in biomass boilers. They’re made to a specific size and density which is designed to produce a constant and predictable release of energy as they burn. However, you can just as easily fuel a biomass boiler with wood chips or even lumber from trees. So, if you have access to your own wood supply, you can in effect fuel your boiler for free!


Other pros & cons of biomass

Biomass boilers are larger and more costly than comparable gas boilers producing the same amount of energy. However, since the biomass fuel is counted as a renewable, carbon-neutral fuel source, they can qualify for the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme. This is a government scheme which will pay you for every kWh you produce for the next 20 years!

As such, most biomass boilers pay for their own installation and fuel costs within the first five years. The scheme then converts from a pay back for installing biomass to becoming an income in itself. This means that after five years your heating could be earning you money rather than costing it for the remaining 15 years

Maintenance on the boiler does require you to refill it with the wood pellet fuel periodically and from time to time empty the ash bin, but these are fairly simple tasks.

In terms of professional maintenance, biomass boilers are much more advanced than their gas and oil counterparts. They come with remote-access readouts and management systems which allow your installer to remotely monitor the health of your boiler. They can see if a part is damaged or needs replacing, they can assess (without having to visit your site) if there is something wrong with your boiler and, on some occasions, can remotely adjust the settings to correct the issue.

If you would like to know more about biomass as an alternative to your gas boiler for your business or home, please get in touch with us today.

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