Sokratherm x2 GG 140 Gas CHP


Freie University Berlin’s ambitious sustainability program has reduced the energy consumption of its circa 200 buildings by over 25% since the year 2000. The university has signed a climate protection agreement with the city of Berlin to reduce its consumption of primary energy even further.


Three Sokratherm cogeneration units help to fulfill the agreement: Two GG 140 units were installed in Düppel and one GG 237 in Lankwitz save primary energy by producing heat and electricity at once, therefore using natural gas much more efficiently than gas boilers.

Their heat and electricity production has been measured in the first months of operation and reached even higher efficiency rates than stated in the technical descriptions.

Unit Type: x2 Sokratherm GG 140
Electric & Thermal Output: 284kW Electric & 432kW Thermal
Fuel Type: Natural Gas
Fuel Savings: 4,900MWh per year
Total Efficiency: 91.3% – Electric 36.2% & Thermal 55%
Payback Time: 4 years
CO2 Savings: 3,100 tonnes per year


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