2 x ETA Hack 500kW Biomass Boilers

Installation Partner: PBESCO / PBE Fuels


As a highly popular tourist attraction Folly Farm has over 500,000 visitors per year and has been recognised as the ”Best Day Out in Wales” for 2016. Folly Farm was heating some of its indoor areas with electric and LPG gas, along with using immersion heaters to heat a number of hot water. The customer wanted a cheaper alternative to deliver more heat to enable their season to be extended throughout the year.


The decision was made to provide heating and hot water from a central biomass boiler house containing two ETA Hack 500kW boilers, through a system of district heating pipes into each of the enclosed buildings as well as into some of the animal attractions. Thirty five fan coil and air curtain heaters heat eight existing hot water tanks and three heat exchangers were also installed to heat existing wet central heating systems. The heating not only keeps the visitors warm, but also keeps the giraffes and reptiles warm!

Boiler Type: 2 x ETA Hack 500kW
Fuel Type: Woodchips supplied by PBE
RHI Revenue: £100,000 approx per year
Payback Time: 6 years
CO2 Savings: 140 tonnes per year

Image source – folly-farm.co.uk

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