ETA Hack 90kW Biomass Boiler

Installation Partner: Dunster Biomass Heating


The customer wished to use his own timber to provide heat for a farmhouse, cottage, farm workshop and various ancillary buildings as well as to pre-heat air for his grain drying system.


An ETA Hack 90kW boiler was installed with a fully networked controls to provide weather compensated heating for the farmhouse and cottage along with domestic hot water heating. Industrial, fan assisted unit heaters were used to provide heat to the workshop and grain dryer. Timber from the farm is chipped by a contractor into a bulk store and then transferred as required into the fuel hopper. This provides economic justification for the forestry management as well as removing his reliance on fossil fuels and providing substantial savings.

Boiler Type: ETA Hack 90kW
Fuel Type: Woodchips
Fuel Savings: £2,200 approx per year
RHI Revenue: £9,350 per year
Payback Time: 8 years
CO2 Savings: 40 tonnes per year


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