2 x ETA Hack 500kW Biomass Boiler

Installation Partner: Microgen Energy


As the largest producer of horseboxes and trailers, Equi-Trek required a heating system that would provide heating and hot water to benefit the manufacturing staff throughout the entire 16,000sq. meter manufacturing facility.


Two ETA Hack 500kW biomass boilers were installed alongside fifteen Biddle warm air blowers to provide heat and hot water to the manufacturing premises as well as two offices in Stocksbridge, Sheffield.

Boiler Type: 2 x ETA Hack 500kW
Fuel Type: Woodchips
Fuel Savings: £56,389 per year
RHI Revenue: £68,715.89 per year
Payback Time: 4 years
CO2 Savings: >90 tonnes per year


Image source – www.equi-trek.com

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