If you’re an architect designing a new building, commercial or domestic, biomass is an excellent solution for the building’s heating needs.


Well, biomass qualifies for the governments RHI scheme, meaning the building’s owners can earn money from it being in place. With better efficiency than oil or electric heating and with a 5 year warranty, ETA biomass boiler give longevity and carbon-neutral heating.

Typically, the returns from the RHI scheme combined with the cheaper and higher energy efficiency means biomass boilers pay for themselves within 5 years however this does vary dependant on application type.

They give long-term, reliable and consistent heating. Green and renewable, they are the sensible financial and ecological choice.



Biomass boilers are proceeded by a survey, carried out by an Innasol accredited installer, to determine the type and kilowattage of boiler required to meet the heating needs of the building.

This survey will also include looking at the feasibility and possible location for the boiler. If it is a new build, the surveyor will be able to give guidance on the type of space and system required to accommodate the boiler.

A dedicated installation team, fully trained by Innasol staff, will come to the location to fit and install the boiler, setting it up and getting it running. It’s all taken care of for you.

Depending on the size of the building, some biomass boilers are large and will require larger space and possible groundworks to accommodate them. This will always be covered in the survey and you’ll always know in advance what kind of boiler your building will need.


Ongoing Advantages

ETA biomass boilers have remote logins, meaning our service engineers can access them and assess issues and, often, fix problems without the need for a call out. They can send alerts when fuel levels are low meaning there will never be a fuel shortage or lack of heating from human error forgetting to order more.

The RHI incentive continues to run, paying out tax-free incentives to building owners who utilise renewable energies, of which biomass is just one.

Biomass is also consistent, whilst wind and solar power are both entirely dependent upon the weather, biomass is not. This means its output is constant and continuous. There are no bad days or good days, no peaks and no troughs, just reliable, consistent heating when you need it.

Biomass fuel is sourced sustainably from regrown forests and wood waste, meaning the environmental impact is extremely low and in fact, qualifies as carbon neutral.

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