ETA Hack 350kW Biomass Boilers

Installation Partner: AFS Biomass


The client was spending in excess of £10,000 on fuel for their current setup with a look at expansion in the form of a finishing shop and drying room. The nature of the business meant they had an abundant supply of waste wood which was ideal for a biomass boiler. With this in mind they required a system which was capable of making use of the waste wood while simultaneously reducing fuel bills.


The solution that was provided was an ETA Hack 350kW biomass boiler. This was connected up to a silo, which the client had purposely built for his fuel. The chipper and extractor would blow the waste wood directly into the silo ready for the boiler to auger in.

The biomass system was beneficial because they no longer need to send their waste wood to landfill which is a saving. Secondly they have reduced their fossil fuel bill by using their own waste wood for heating and no longer require the fossil fuel heating systems. In addition they now have heating in their main factory as well as in the new finishing shop and drying room.

Boiler Type: ETA Hack 350kW
Fuel Type: Woodchips
Fuel Savings: £10,000 per year
RHI Revenue: £45,000 per year
Payback Time: 2 years
CO2 Savings: 255 tonnes per year


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