A modern style, fully automated biomass heating system can provide complete heating for your home or business as well as all your hot water needs. There are three different biomass fuel types, these being; wood pellets, wood chips and wood logs.

As all biomass boiler wood must come from sustainable forestry to be eligible for government financial support (RHI = Renewable Heat Incentive) this is not only cost saving but also green, clean and sustainable, ticking all the responsible energy boxes.

Heating and hot water represents by far the largest proportion of your energy costs, especially if you are off the gas-grid and use an oil, LPG or electric heating system. Heat is measured in kWh (kilo Watt hour), regardless of what source of heat you use. An EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) gives you the details showing your annual heat demand, depending on the size, insulation and geographic position of your home or business premises.

So how does biomass heating save you money now?

To run a heating system you need to fuel it, which is the biggest cost. Simply put you can calculate for each of the different fuel types, (e.g. heating oil versus wood pellets) with their given prices per litre or ton and their specific calorific value, into a cost per KWh.

This comparison shows a clear cost advantage for the wood pellets over the heating oil in the region of 30% to 50% meaning you will instantly save money on fuel costs the moment you switch to biomass.

While wood pellets have maintained a very constant low price over the last 15 years, heating oil can go up and down in an often unforeseeable and erratic manner as the worldwide oil markets respond to economic or political changes.

As other costs, such as chimney cleaning or service and maintenance also remain roughly the same and consistent, you can really make significant and ongoing savings on your energy costs.

And don’t forget, renewable heating systems, such as biomass boilers, receive government funded financial support which gives even more of an incentive to seriously consider biomass today.

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