Biomass Heating for Hotels & Holiday Lets

Heating and hot water for large buildings or complexes can be a challenging issue, not to mention, expensive. Large multi-roomed buildings or collections of buildings that require heating and hot water, sometimes constantly, are difficult to keep at consistent temperature. On top of which, the strain on a boiler capable of keeping up with the demand is always going to be high.

Oil or gas systems are the most commonly used and oil is predominant in off-grid hotels or holiday lets, where gas mainlines are not available.

This means high oil costs, regular refills and pollutant boiler waste product.


Why you should consider Biomass

Biomass works differently. A carbon-neutral fuel type, it produces the same energy efficiency and output as gas or oil. But where it differs is that it is a green fuel. Sustainable, renewable and qualifies for government renewable heat incentive.

They’re extremely good at providing consistent, uninterrupted heating and hot water, especially for large spaces or multi-roomed buildings, such as hotels.

If you run a rural hotel or holiday let, biomass is a viable, long-term solution for your heating needs. You’ll qualify for numerous incentives as well as the government’s RHI scheme (Renewable Heat Incentive) which will pay you per kWh you produce using a biomass boiler!

Reduction of your carbon footprint is something you can advertise on your website and literature, showing off your clean energy credentials encourages customers to choose your hotel or let over another that doesn’t do the same.


Get your investment back!

With tax breaks, RHI payments and lower fuel costs most biomass boilers pay for themselves within five years of installation.

This means that after five years you’re essentially earning money from your heating. Rather than it being no more than a cost on your business, it can become an income and help you progress even further into a renewable and sustainable energy future.

Renewables save money, save energy and ultimately, improve life for people too.

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