Farms are typically located in off-gas grid areas with a high heat demand and as such have limited choice when it comes to a heating system. In the past your only option was oil, but now supported by government incentives there is a better, more sustainable solution – biomass!

A large oil tank (or multiple large oil tanks) are situated on your property fuelling the oil boiler, or boilers that heat your buildings. There are however a number of disadvantages to oil. First and foremost, its cost fluctuates beyond your control almost continuously. Import prices, the strength of the pound, political issues, economic issues and so much more can greatly impact on the price of your oil required for your heating.

Biomass suffers from none of these. Instead of relying on oil, you rely on wood instead.


Biomass vs Oil Boilers

Though oil boilers and biomass boilers operate at approximately the same average efficiency of heat production (around 70-85%), biomass generally trumps oil in most other areas.

Biomass fuels such as wood pellets, woodchips and log wood, are far less susceptible to outside factors therefore the price is much more consistent with less fluctuation. Also, depending on the kind of boiler you have, if you are able to supply your own wood you could potentially heat your farm for free!

Due to the way biomass boilers burn fuel, their heat output is consistent and balanced. You do not experience heat spikes or hot and cold areas within large chicken sheds or other large barns. They heat structures evenly and efficiently.

With a biomass boiler your farm can qualify for carbon neutral heating and therefore can take advantage of the government’s RHI scheme meaning you can actually earn an income from your heating system.


The RHI Scheme

The government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme, for which biomass qualifies, allows your farm to earn an income from using biomass. With the scheme set to run until 2041 (provided you install your boiler before 2021) you have up to 20 years of incentivised tax-free income to take advantage of.

This gives your farm additional income, cheaper sustainable heating, cheaper fuel and lower carbon emissions your farm cannot make a better choice for your heating needs.


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