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Servicing a biomass boiler is not just recommended, it is an essential part of your energy production future. You’ve taken the step of having the latest heating technology installed in your premises, so you want to make sure that investment is properly looked after.

As the sole UK distributor of ETA biomass boilers, Innasol and our network of partners are the only people certified to provide servicing on these advanced pieces of equipment.

Our servicing network is nationwide, with fully trained and equipped service engineers and technical experts able to come and ensure your boiler is kept in the very optimum condition.

We have selected the very finest boiler technology and also have our own training academy, delivering certifications to our partners. This ensures that the standards of installation and maintenance are always maintained at the very highest level, meaning that your brilliant boiler is brilliantly well looked after.

Why service your boiler with us?

Well, first and foremost, we are the sole manufacturer approved UK distributor of ETA boilers and therefore are the only company (along with our certified partners) who are qualified to properly carry out a service of your boiler

This ensures a safe and reliable operation of your boiler now and in the future. A well serviced boiler operates more efficiently than one that is not correctly serviced. This means that servicing saves you money in better heating efficiency and lower fuel consumption per kWh.

We give you the peace of mind to know that your boiler is in expert hands and always being looked after.

Better RHI Returns

Part of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme provided by the government requires your boiler to have a full-service history. Allowing your servicing to lapse can result in the loss of your RHI payments or disqualification from the scheme altogether.

Better still, the RHI scheme pays you for every kWh that your biomass boiler produces. Therefore, the more efficiently it runs, the more kWh’s it puts out and the more you earn from it. The situation really can be called a win-win for everyone!

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Specialist Training

No one has ever created anything like Innasol. Which is why we run our own, purpose-built Innasol academy. To ensure that our partners and other professionals are meticulously trained to deliver the highest standards of service to their customers, from initial quote to installation and regular maintenance.

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