Service your biomass boiler or lose out on RHI payments

Your biomass boiler is sophisticated and highly engineered piece of equipment. As with all such machines, servicing is a natural requirement in order to maintain efficiency, life cycle, longevity and to avoid expensive repair or replacement costs.

But did you know that servicing your boiler is a requirement for the government RHI scheme?

A full-service history is needed to keep your RHI payments coming in. Failure to service your boiler can result in a loss of qualification to the scheme. This will mean a permanent loss of RHI payments.


NDRHI Scheme Information

The non-domestic RHI payments are made to you in arrears every three months for twenty years. Combined with the savings made with improved energy efficiency and lower fuel costs, typically your boiler installation will have paid for itself within three to five years. This means that for at least fifteen years you could be making an income from heating your home or business.

These payments are made per kWh your boiler produces. So, the more demand on your boiler, the more you’re paid.

The better serviced the boiler is the more efficiently it runs.

This means that a well-serviced boiler will produce more kWh’s of energy and will require less amount of wood fuel (wood chips or pellets). Therefore, giving you a better RHI income.

This alone should be more than incentive enough to ensure your boiler is running at maximum efficiency at all times, but combine that with the requirement to keep it serviced and it stops being a choice. Instead it is a sensible, commercial decision to ensure maintenance and servicing is carried out regularly.


Innasol’s Service Options

Innasol are the exclusive distributor for ETA for the UK and Ireland. Our engineers are trained on all manner of ETA boilers and as such are fully compliant with the manufacturer’s guidelines service intervals. This ensures warranty, safe and reliable operation and long boiler life are maintained.

Our service packages include:

  • Annual Service
  • 2 Year Service Agreement
  • 3 Year Service Agreement
  • 5 Year Service Agreement

For more information on any of the above please contact us today on and one of our team will be happy to help you.

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