ETA Biomass Boiler Maintenance Contracts

Biomass boiler maintenance is a thoroughly important aspect of running an effective and efficient renewable heating system.

Unlike standard gas or oil boilers, biomass boilers do require more regular maintenance. As they are burning a bio-fuel there is a waste product created in the form of ash. Though all boilers come with an ash tray to catch the excess waste, this tray will need emptying from time to time.

The flue and chimney of the boiler will also need sweeping at least once per year, just like the chimney on a wood burner or fireplace in a home.

Disposing of Waste

The major by-product of biomass boilers is the ash created from the burning pellets, logs or wood chips. On average, wood will create 1-1.5% of its weight in ash. The ash created by biomass boilers and their fuel is known as their potash.

Potash can be used in farming as a top dressing and can also be used by horticulturalists as a component of compost. This means that you can either use the ash produced from your boiler as a fertiliser yourself, or you should be able to find someone willing to take it and use it for such purposes themselves.

Disposing of the ash in this way is highly environmentally friendly and is supported wholeheartedly by Innasol and our partners. All of whom are dedicated to carbon-neutral energy production. The nutrients in the ash are fed back into the earth and can aid in crop production or other horticultural pursuits.

It can be disposed of as landfill waste if you’re unable to find a fertilisation use for it.

In cases where your boiler is much larger-scale industrial sized unit, the ash may have to be treated as a special waste product. However, present UK laws do not stipulate this.

Regular Maintenance Means Efficient Heat

Above all, regular maintenance of your boiler benefits its efficiency. Clear, clean boilers burn fuel steadily and effectively, producing steady and reliable heat.

Each kWh produced by your boiler counts toward your RHI payments from the government. So, the better it runs, the better it is for your pocket.

ETA Biomass Boiler Service Options

Innasol are the exclusive distributor for ETA across the UK and Ireland. All our engineers and partners are trained on the entire range of ETA boilers and, as such, are fully compliant with the manufacturer’s guidelines service intervals.

This keeps your boiler in warranty and maintains safe and reliable operation and long boiler life.

Our service packages include:

  • Annual Service
  • 2 Year Service Agreement
  • 3 Year Service Agreement
  • 5 Year Service Agreement

For more information on any of the above please contact us today on 01621 892613 or email and one of our team will be happy to help you.

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