Kohlbach K8-2500kW SD Biomass Boiler


As one of Germany’s first distilleries, Bimmerle decided to install a Kohlbach biomass furnace but wanted to burn wood chips in combination with bark, and homogeneous cherry stones. Kohlbach provided a detailed combustion test to ensure the desired special fuel would work and found that the mixed heterogeneous fuel was feasible with the K8 furnace. These particular cherry stones as fuel have an increased bulk density, lower ash content and in relation to other biomass fuels also have a higher calorific value. The thermal plant supplies approximately four tonnes per hour of saturated steam at 16 bar for the production process to manufacture Schnapps, German liqueur.


The furnace at Bimmerle was implemented as a K8-Kohlbach-Standard with adaption of the fuel feed system and system software. Due to the fuel’s water content the plant (30% – 55%) is equipped with a primary and secondary flue gas recirculation as well as a water-cooled grate frame. The auger elevator doses the cherry stones fuel and conveys it to the hydraulic stoker where it is mixed – this process is controlled with the PLC.

Boiler Type: K8-2500kW SD Kohlbach Biomass Boiler
Fuel Type: Wood chips, bark and cherry stones
CO2 Savings: >8,000 tonnes per year

Image source – www.bimmerle.de

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