Your biomass boiler is a highly complex, expertly constructed and meticulously engineered piece of equipment. As a result, it does require some TLC to keep it operating to maximum efficiency.  It is important to be aware that your biomass boiler requires this upkeep in order to ensure it maintains minimum standard and continues to produce energy at a carbon-neutral rate.

Fuel Types

There are numerous different kinds of fuels you can use in biomass boilers and these each operate at different levels of efficiency and cleanliness.

The recommended fuel is the specially manufactured wood pellets which can be supplied by your boiler installer or direct from a wood pellet supplier. These pellets are designed to burn at a consistent rate, providing sustainable and stable energy release.

Scrap wood, dried logs, wood chips and similar fuels can also be burned in the boiler. However, these do not have the same consistent density as the pellets. This means they can burn unevenly, inefficiently and release energy in an unstable manner. This makes the boiler itself more inefficient and more susceptible to faults.

Ash & Clinker

Whatever you burn in your boiler ash will be created, this will invariably have to be emptied from time to time. Less ash is created and at a slower rate through the burning of pellets. Other fuels will create significantly more ash, and this will mean there will be a more regular requirement to empty the boiler’s ash tray and clean its flue.

The more often any parts cleared of ash the more effectively it will run.

In addition, clinker forms when a build-up of ash lays under high heat for long periods of time and melts and solidifies into a slag, the hardened form of which is known as clinker. This can become stuck into grates, gaps and parts and is extremely difficult to remove. Often the only solution in such situations is parts replacement.

Maintain the boiler and take advantage of RHI Incentives

If you keep your boiler well maintained, serviced and efficient this will ensure its output efficiency is not compromised. The more efficiently your boiler runs the more money it can earn you for any RHI payments you qualify for.

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