The Benefits of a Biomass Boiler Service Contract

As an ETA boiler user you have the market-leading technology in renewable heating on your premises. Technology that represented a significant investment on your part. So why wouldn’t you want to protect that investment and look after it properly?

The fact is, of course you want to make sure it’s looked after, that’s a no brainer.

ETA boilers have a deserved industry-wide reputation for reliability. But the fact remains that complex machinery such as these biomass boilers will always require maintenance to keep them running at their optimum output.


Biomass Boiler Service Contract

Innasol are the sole UK distributor of ETA boilers. We train our engineers and those of our certified partners in the correct manufacturer guidelines on their setup, installation, maintenance, management and servicing.

With directives and updates direct from ETA we are always fully appraised of the best methods to employ, what to look out for and how to address any potential issues.

We have developed a number of service packages that are designed to offer you the most cost-effective option to suit your specific install.

These range from annual servicing up to a five year service agreement.


What do you get?

All service contracts come with an annual service from a fully trained and certified Innasol engineer. They also all come with a seal kit for the specific boiler type that you have.

Longer term agreements also come with online boiler monitoring. This means that our engineers can remotely detect and (in some instances) correct issues that occur on your boiler.

Better still, online monitoring will often allow our engineers to diagnose an issue remotely, meaning they can then order parts if necessary or attend your site better prepared to fix the issue. This means that they can typically resolve issues faster and get your boiler back online again sooner.


RHI Scheme

Perhaps one of the most obvious benefits of servicing your biomass boiler is the RHI scheme. The chances are, if you have an ETA boiler, you are already involved in the RHI scheme.

The RHI scheme pays you per kWh that your biomass boiler produces.

Part of the RHI scheme requirement is that your boiler has a full-service history, otherwise payments can stop. Furthermore, the more efficiently your boiler runs the more kWh’s it will produce – meaning you earn more in RHI payments.


For more information on your biomass boiler service options please contact us on and one of our dedicated team will be happy to help.

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