Sokratherm GG 198 D Gas CHP


The brewery intended to reduce its energy cost and CO2 emissions by producing electricity, steam and heat directly on site. Before the installation of the CHP/steam generator plant, all electricity had been drawn from the mains and all heat had been produced by two large steam boilers.


Sokratherm installed a turbocharged CHP unit of the 200kW-class, a steam generator, bypass, condensing heat exchanger and mixture cooler in one heat station. Since the (non-steam) heat is used to raise the brewing water temperature from 15 to 85 degrees all heat sources can be used and the total efficiency achieves 94.1%. All electricity produced by the CHP unit is used on site because the scheme only runs when beer is brewed.

Unit Type: Sokratherm GG 198 D
Electric & Thermal Output: 200kW Electric & 306kW Thermal
Fuel Type: Natural Gas
Fuel Savings: 2,133MWh per year
Total Efficiency: 94.1% – Electric 37.2% & Thermal 56.9%
Payback Time: 3 years
CO2 Savings: 840 tonnes per year


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