The renowed Chatsworth Estate set out last year with a project to make ‘a greener Chatsworth’. The estate committed to invest in renewable technology and reduce their carbon impact. Innasol Certified Partner Ecosmart Energy made it their mission to do exactly as they wished.

In late 2013 opened The Chatsworth Renewable Energy Centre to feed heat and power to the 300 room house, garden, stables, shops and restaurants. Later in 2016 followed the installation of two ETA 500kW biomass boilers that were installed including an agitator and walking floor. The energy centre was reconfigured and connected to the existing network. A fully efficient combined heat and power system was now in place serving all associated buildings with impressive fuel savings and promising revenue. All of the wood fuel was sourced from the Chatsworth woodlands, from the estate’s sustainable thinning and felling operations – all dried and chipped on site!

But they didn’t stop there…. Ecosmart Energy installed a 15kW IDM Terra SW GSHP at Swiss Cottage on Chatsworth Estate. The heat pump was installed to replace an LPG boiler that was providing heating and hot water to the house. The new heating system now fits in with the ‘A greener Chatsworth’ project and will cut down the customers fuel bill by a considerable amount.

Ecosmart Energy chose both of these technology types from Innasol as the highest achieving, quality products available on the market, with the added bonus of both technologies being eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive. 

Swiss Cottage, Chatsworth Estate.


See the full Swiss Cottage case study here.

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