If you are considering heating options for your property (or properties) either commercial or domestic, then biomass could very well be the choice for you.

The majority of commercial and domestic boilers are either oil or gas powered. Both of which are reliant on fossil fuels and these can be subject to unexpected price changes. In addition, fossil fuels are becoming more and more unfashionable these days and renewable energy is beginning to have its day.

If you are in a rural location without mains gas lines, then typically oil has traditionally been the only option available.

But biomass is a viable, clean, sustainable, renewable and cost-effective option to oil.

Better still, it can also qualify you for the governments RHI (renewable heat incentive) scheme. Meaning it can actually pay you money!



Another option you could look at is electrical heating, which can include underfloor, storage heaters. However, all electrical heating options are very expensive to run and the upfront cost is still quite high.

Electricity can be more efficient when using a heat pump, but this is very dependent upon the required flow temperature, the size of the building being heated and the heat requirements. Large-scale usage of electrical heating systems almost always ends up costing far more than other more traditional forms of heating.


Renewable Heat Incentive

The RHI scheme will be running until March 2021 therefore providing your application is submitted and approved by then you will receive quarterly payments based on the kWh produced from your renewable heat source. If your application is for domestic use you will receive these payments for 7 years, if it a commercial property then you will receive payments for 20 years.

Therefore, if you’re going to be heating a home or a commercial building year-round then you could effectively be making a return on your costs from the day you start using it. On average, biomass boilers pay for themselves within 5 years of installation in cheaper fuel costs and improved efficiency.

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