Sokratherm GG 70 & GG 50 Gas CHP


The four star alpine wellness hotel had reduced its fuel oil heating cost in 2006 with a veg-oil powered CHP unit installed and operated by a local power provider. Once that CHP unit was shut down due to soaring veg-oil prices the fuel consumption rose to circa 90,000 litres per annum.


A regular guest of the Alpenhotel recommended the installation of a GG 70 unit in 2012. Impressed by the low space and maintenance requirements, the customer decided to install a second CHP unit (GG 50) during the hotel extension in early 2014. The hotel’s electricity bill has reduced substantially and revenues were gained by feeding electricity into the mains. Instead of the 110,000 litres of mineral oil which the hotel would normally use to heat the enlarged hotel per year, only 8000 litres were required in 2014.

Unit Type: Sokratherm GG 70 & GG 50
Electric & Thermal Output: 121kW Electric & 196kW Thermal
Fuel Type: Natural Gas
Fuel Savings: 800MWh per year
Total Efficiency: 90.6% – Electric 34.6% & Thermal 56%
Payback Time: 5 years
CO2 Savings: 325 tonnes per year


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